Tickets On Sale Now

This year we have a huge line up of creatives at #LitFest2444 to motivate you, challenge you and inspire you. Students can choose between 1 all day session OR 1 mixed lollies program.


Tickets are $35. Call 6583 2632 to secure your spot.

All Day Programs


Creative Writing Workshops

(NB: These workshops are open to all students)​


Mixed Lollies Programs
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  • Poetry Object: Telling stories through ‘things’ with Emma Rose Smith.

  • Writing Suspense: How to grab your reader by the throat and not let go! With MJ Hearle.

  • Ekphrasis: Writing inspired from artworks with Emilie Zoey Baker.




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  • The Art of Writing Gripping Stories with
    Hayley Lawrence.


  • Podcast Like a Pro with Stacey Morgan.

  • Please note these workshops are
    2 hours per session.


Tickets are on sale now, so why not jump online and work out
which program inspires you the most, start planning your 2019#LitFest2444 experience and then secure your ticket by calling 6583 2632.