• Hayley McGrath

#LitFest2444 Xtra with Favel Parrett, November 4th 9am - 10am

In this one-hour live-streamed webinar, Favel will speak about her novel with particular emphasis on the characters in the novel, what motivates them, and their development.

Who is this workshop for?

- For people who study or teach this novel,

- For readers in the community who loved the book,

- Those who have read others of Favel Parrett's work,

- or who are just curious to witness the process of writing through the eyes of an accomplished multi-award winning Australian author.

The session will be conducted over Zoom, with 45 minutes presentation time, and 15 minutes for Q&A. Questions will be posted via the Chat function in Zoom, and will be moderated by an educator.

Tickets - $5.00 per person - for ticket inquiries for school groups or individuals please email info@litfest2444.com.au

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