• Hayley McGrath

#LitFest2444 - a great Professional Development opportunity.

Sharon Cannon (left) and Ros Kingsford

So much for students – and teachers too.

Although the festival caters for high school students, Ros believes primary school students can also relate to much of what’s taught in the workshops.

“I’m always looking for workshops that teach new ways of storytelling,” Ros said.

“Things like GIF animation, podcasting, and making movies…LitFest is very different to what we do now in the classroom, but it works. “I’m constantly thinking “Wow, my littlies would love to try that”.”

Both Sharon and Ros urged teachers to spend the day at LitFest2444 next year.

“I would totally recommend teachers come to LitFest – not just for their kids’ sake, but for themselves, too,” Ros said.

Sharon added: “It’s so worthwhile just to experience firsthand new storytelling styles that challenge kids to be brave and creative.”

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