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Hayley Lawrence presents a FREE writing workshop June 1st

Updated: May 25, 2020

Hayley Lawrence’s debut YA novel Inside the Tiger was published by Penguin Random House in 2018 to critical acclaim, shortlisting for the Vogel Prize, longlisting for the Davitt Crime Awards, receiving two Varuna Writers’ House Residencies, and being a CBCA Notable Book in 2019. Inside the Tiger is the story of a private school who writes to an Australian death row prisoner in Thailand and falls for him, destroying them both. Hayley wrote the novel after spending five years writing to and visiting a death row prisoner in Thailand. Previously a lawyer, the stories of the people Hayley came into contact with continue to haunt her writing and make her ask questions about the nature of humanity. Hayley’s second YA novel Ruby Tuesday is being published by Penguin Random House in September 2020. Hayley lives in Port Macquarie and gives regular creative writing talks and workshops to local schools.

Hayley's workshop titled 'Driving Creativity, Conflict and Character' is an interactive workshop where participants will play with powerful story driving tools. Hayley's going to unlock the creative flow in students' brains, interrogate a character of their own making, set a stage for conflict and then let that character fight. Students will learn how to tap into creative flow when they're in a funk, how to build a three dimensional character and most importantly, have fun with that character on the page.

Access the FREE PRE-RECORDED WORKSHOP here. It will be available from the #LitFest2444 Facebook page from 7pm to 9pm Monday 1st June.

To get notified about event updates mark yourself as going or interested in the event and allow our page to tell you when we are LIVE! See you there.

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