• Hayley McGrath

Get GIFy with it!

ClickView is the world’s leading producer of educational videos. Their team of educators produce content here in Australia from Primary, Secondary right through to Further and Higher Education. Video is no longer a passive viewing experience. Interactive videos engage students in active learning, allowing educators to assess students formatively and target their teaching. Learn from some of ClickViews animators at LitFest2444 online during their pre-recorded event on the 15th of June 7pm - 9pm.

Get GIFy With It Students will learn the fundamental principles of animation and design, tips for creating an effective creative workflow, and the tools required to bring their own animations to life.  

ClickView attended #LitFest2444 in 2019 and the students produced some amazing animations for a one day workshop. Here is a little taste of some of the work produced.

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