• Hayley McGrath

Fun and Fast Workouts to Flex your Creative Muscle!


Fun and Fast Workouts to Flex Your Creative Muscles 

Did you know that creativity is like a muscle? The more you use it, the stronger it becomes! In this fun and fast-paced interactive workshop, we'll be exploring a range of warm-ups, games and activities that professional storytellers and creatives use to keep creatively fit and on their storytelling A-game. You'll learn how to bust brainstorming blocks, crush creative cramps, and duck-dive through difficulties as you stretch your creative muscles to head towards your creative potential. And the best bit? There's no experience necessary!

Join Jenna on Monday 29th of June from 7-8pm for her Live-Streamed session on Facebook.

Jenna is a K-12 educator, careers coach, and the Co-Director of The Posify Group. She thrives on creativity, curiosity and play, knowing the positive impact these qualities have on wellbeing, academic achievement, and career success.

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