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2019 LitFest2444 will showcase a new world of storytelling techniques in Port Macquarie

Co-Organisers Karen Bale & Suzanne Penson

LitFest2444, Port Macquarie's annual creative festival for high school students, is about much more than improving their HSC results, although that's one of its aims.

Creative writing is a compulsory module in the English curriculum for the HSC and a number of LitFest's workshops June 5 and 6 specifically support students in years 10, 11 and 12.

However, co-organisers Karen Bale and Suzanne Penson, believe that for at least some students, LitFest may inspire a fulfilling creative career.

"We wanted to show students that creative talents and skills can potentially lead to a job or a business opportunity," said Karen Bale.

"Many of LitFest presenters are entrepreneurs who developed creative skills in their teens and later turned them into businesses. They're making a living from something they're passionate about.

"Many so-called 'soft skills' will be in demand in the workforce of the future."

This year 31 expert presenters will deliver 25 creative workshops and practical sessions on everything from penning poetry to creating comics, and fantasy fiction to podcast production.

For the Mrs Bale and Mrs Penson, teacher-librarians at St Joseph's Regional and MacKillop College respectively, LitFest is a labour of literary love.

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