4 June 2020 

2020 Presenters

LitFest2444 provides an incredible opportunity for passionate, like minded teen writers to meet and work on their craft with Australian authors and creatives.

Tobias Madden - 2019 Presenter

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What started out, back in December 2015 as a plan to engage young people with story has, as we approach our fourth annual event, evolved into something far greater. With a life of its own, #Litfest2444 has involved HSC students, connecting them with relevant authors and current practitioners of the craft of writing, and Primary school students, in addition to our core group of participants drawn from students in Years 7-10 from schools across the area.

We are exploring the idea of including an 'adult/community' event to engage those people in our region looking for discussions around ideas, events, and writing. It has been immensely satisfying to see participants from across school systems, and from adjoining districts participate in our event. We are enormously grateful to our sponsors and benefactors, without whom #Litfest2444 would not be possible.

What is Litfest2444?

#LitFest2444 is a festival like no other. A festival just for teens that encourages and inspires young minds to break the mould of creativity and explore conventional and revolutionary ways to tell their story.

You’ll be surrounded by storytelling trailblazers, published authors and other creative teens during the event. Festival presenters will share their favourite way to tell stories through sound and poetry to comics and fantasy writing.

An eclectic mix of presenters will explore both digital and traditional mediums. They’ll also unravel the skills needed to take your creativity and passion to the next level and make it your career. All teens on the Mid North Coast, in years 7-12, who love to tell stories, write, draw or talk are invited. There’s a lot to explore and you’ll get a peek inside what’s new in the evolving digital world of storytelling.

There literally is something for every student at #Litfest2444. Our 2019 event was a huge success
with students joining us from all over the Mid North Coast, as far south as Maitland and north to
Coffs Harbour. 

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